Olympia Rare Foods is a specialty foods purveyor, servicing Denver and Boulder restaurants, markets, and businesses, as well as private chefs, and cooking enthusiasts everywhere!

Olympia provides delivery service 7-days a week to our cherished clients, and primarily sell: A5 Japanese wagyu, sea urchin (uni), caviar, wild mushrooms, pantry goods, seasonally available truffles and produce, hand-harvested salted Spanish seaweed, wild/exotic foods, dried Afghan fruits and nuts, Korean vinegars/spices/sauces, and much more! 


As a company, we go to great lengths to make sure everything we bring in meets our extremely high standards, and will absolutely send back anything that doesn’t. Our suppliers know this about us, so they are usually really great about only sending us the best of the best, as we refuse to bring anything less to our customers.

We really, truly care about the success and happiness of our clients, and they reciprocate their appreciation by working hard to get us on their menu wherever they can, recommending us to other chefs, and taking us with them when they move on to new restaurants/positions.



Jake Redlener, Chief Executive Officer

Will Mendelsohn, Chief Sales Officer